Typing instead of singing.

Meant To Be Podcast

Meant to be together, meant to be forever
One within His spirit, held within His hands
Meant to be from the beinning, meant to be never ending
Meant to understand,  that we were always
Meant to be

- I wrote this duet (thanks Michele Wagner for singing
  with me) for my wife Rene a few years ago.  Happy
  Valentines day!

  1. Meant To Be

Ten Past Two 

Moments come and moments go
But the gift of life is ever tender
People change and families grow
Oh Lord help this ragged soul remember

Every Heart Needs a Harbor 

Every heart needs a harbor.  A place they can call home.  A place where they are never alone.  Every heart needs a safer place to sleep.  When the spirit is weak and can go no further.  That's when every heart needs a harbor.